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Home - a word that provides comfort and invokes nostalgia.

  We search for comfort, like the smell of Mom's home cooking that just soothes the soul.  With that thought in mind, we designed Copper Club, a subscription based menu that brings the comfort of food from our kitchen to your table to enjoy throughout the week.





  • Seamless weekly billing with Credit Cards kept on file

  • Weekly savings of 10% to 15% off of regular menu priced items

  • One time prescheduled pick up or delivery to promote and maintain the current call for social distancing 

All of our comforts are cooked, cooled and packaged for you to 

reheat and enjoy at home.

We request all orders be placed by 5pm Friday via email to


Pick ups and deliveries will be scheduled for 3 to 5pm on Sunday.

Subscribe to a 3 week commitment

Receive one of the following with your 1st week's order


  • Free bottle of wine 

  • 2 additional meals added to your package

  • 20% discount towards a dine in experience

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